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The ESV Study Bible Review

The ESV Study Bible Review

by ArKa

The ESV Study Bible was originally released in 2008 and quickly became one of the most popular study bibles available. This is due to its many high-quality features, including over 50 articles and over 20,000 entries. Many contributors contributed to the creation of the Bible study guide; the list of contributors alone fills six pages.

Multiple study tools are included in The ESV Study Bible, including extensive charts, maps, graphs, notes, and articles. It is printed on 30 GSM paper and uses the lexicon 9/10 font. Notes are approximately around a 6 point font size, while headings are approximately 8 point and italicized. All of the above contributes to its size and weight being extra large. This isn’t the type of Bible you carry around with you and is more of a stationary one.

The ESV translation makes this bible a literal translation of contemporary English. More than 100 pastors and evangelical scholars work together to ensure that the bible is accurate on a word-for-word basis. As well as providing a work with great literary excellence, they also provide a work with a lot of depth of meaning.

Key Features

  • The ESV text from the 2011 translation is included
  • The book includes pages about the family history and the presentation
  • Binding with Smyth-Sewn
  • Embossed edges
  • Format for single column paragraphs
  • Cross-references amounting to 80,000
  • Pages: 2752
  • Maps in full color and in text
  • Charts totaling 200
  • Articles in 50
  • Illustrations totaling 40
  • The back of the book contains 15 full-color maps
  • Notations in Greek and Hebrew
  • Overboard covers are available in a variety of materials, from leather to cloth
  • The book was printed and bound by R. and R. Donnelley, Inc.
  • A wide range of denominations, seminaries, colleges, and universities from nine countries contributed to the book
  • An in-depth and highly applicable guide

The Reviews

There are a number of reasons why reviewers are pleased with The ESV Study Bible. In reviews, reviewers mention that the study guide provides exemplary clarity. The system is considered to provide the highest level of accuracy and continuity in the modern age. Readers can be confident in the truth of the study bible’s content since it was compiled by a team of world-class scholars and teachers who have a deep understanding of God’s word and desire to pass that knowledge on.

“This is an outstanding resource!” One reviewer writes.” It is indeed a treasure and a beautiful book. Study bibles are popular because of the number of resources they provide, whether one is a new Christian or a long-term pastor.


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