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What is the First Communion? Christians' Comprehensive Guide

What is the First Communion? Christians Comprehensive Guide

by ArKa

The First Communion may appear to be just a Church tradition, but it has a deeper meaning that every Christian should understand. The First Communion is also an essential part of a child’s journey towards achieving all the Holy Sacraments of the church, aside from enabling them to consume the body and blood of Christ. Explore the real meaning of the First Communion and how it should be celebrated with us today. 


How does the First Communion work?

During First Communion, a person or child receives the important Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time. This is the time when the child consumes the consecrated bread and drinks the consecrated wine that represents the body and blood of Jesus.

In most cases, this practice begins in second grade and occurs between 7 and 9 years of age or whenever they have met all the requirements of the Church.  In the Catholic faith, it is commonly celebrated.


Can anyone take the First Communion?

Everyone is welcome in the Church, but not everyone is eligible for First Communion. Before taking their First Communion, they should go through other important occasions within the Holy Sacraments. The Holy Sacrament is only available to those who have been baptized (Sacrament of Baptism).


A First Communion

The preparation

In order to receive the First Communion, a child must be considered sinless or in a state of grace. As part of their First Confession, also known as the Sacrament of Penance, they are required to make a formal apology to God. The First Communion Mass usually takes place a week before the ceremony. 

A child who has received the Sacrament of Penance confesses his or her sins, past mistakes, and wrongdoings. It is also possible for them to confess thoughts or bad ideas they acquired from their friends, family, or the environment.

The priest will then ask the child to recite several prayers before leaving the confessional. By doing this, a child is considered to be cleansed from their sins and wrongdoings, preparing them for their First Communion


Service of First Communion

This special day is a celebration, and other members of the body of Christ are expected to attend. A typical First Communion lasts for an hour or up to 90 minutes, including prayers, hymns, readings, and the actual First Communion, when the children receive Holy Communion before their classmates. Several churches include children in Sunday Mass by allowing them to carry out the readings and offerings during the procession.


Following the First Communion

Young Catholics are expected to attend church after the ceremony and be active members of the congregation. It is mandatory that they attend church every Sunday and continue to serve the Church by being active in ministries where they can give their time, skills, and talents. 

After the First Communion, the family and church usually gather for a special celebration. Continuing to celebrate their children’s Christian milestones with a light meal or snacks is a great idea.


Making your child’s First Communion a success 

Taking care of your child’s First Communion is essential since this blessed event happens only once in a lifetime. Make this event extra special by planning a First Communion Party or by thinking of fun and exciting ways to make it extra memorable.


Who should be invited?

Make sure you invite guests who have impacted your child’s relationship with God or those who you are confident will guide him or her in the right direction. The people you trust most are usually your family and close friends, relatives, as well as your child’s godparents. 


Inviting guests: how to do it?

There are many First Communion invitations online that can be customized and personalized. Don’t forget to include important information such as date, time, dress code, and gift suggestions. Additionally, you can make your own invitations and print them at home so you can hand them out before the event. 


What should I wear to my First Communion?

As the First Communion is held in a sacred place, it’s important to wear something modest. For the ceremony, children should wear something white to symbolize purity, such as dresses, formal polos, pants, closed-toe shoes, stockings, and socks. It is customary for some churches to require their attendees to wear veils as a sign of humility towards God. 

It is also expected that guests wear formal clothing and clothes appropriate for a church service. Dress shoes, button-up shirts, ties, and modest dresses are included in this category.


Ideas for First Communion Gifts

Make this milestone in your child’s Christian life memorable by giving them something special. Ensure it is something memorable that will serve as a reminder of their faith as well as something that they will cherish forever. The following are some ideal gifts to consider:

Bible for the First Communion

First Communion for Christians Comprehensive Guide

My First Communion Bible (White)

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It would be best to find a Bible that has a record page in which you can record the details of your child’s First Communion ceremony. The sacred ceremony they experienced when they were young will always be remembered whenever they use this Bible

A personalized rosary bracelet or rosary

What is the First Communion?

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Consider a rosary that you can personalize with your child’s initials, favorite color, and even a stone that suits his or her personality. It comes in a standard size or as a handy bracelet that can be worn every day.



The Cross necklace

Christians Comprehensive Guide

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As a subtle but important accessory, they can wear it every day as a reminder of their faith and relationship with God established after First Communion.


The Prayer journal

First Communion

A Catholic Prayer Journal for Kids: Great Gift for First Communion, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays and Homeschool

  • Rainey, Jennifer Harbor (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 100 Pages – 04/08/2017 (Publication Date) – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)

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Giving a gift that encourages a prayerful lifestyle will show your support for their faith. Find a journal where they can write down their thoughts and learn from their experiences.



The Personalized leather watch

Christians Comprehensive

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A timepiece is an important accessory you can give your child after their First Communion. A personalized touch can be added by adding their initials. The best thing about leather watches is that they age well, last a long time, and can be passed down from generation to generation. 



The Summary 

A child’s First Communion marks an important milestone in their Christian life. Helping them establish a deeper relationship with God and strengthening their faith is essential. As a full member of the church, we should not view the First Communion as just a traditional practice but also a celebration of the love God has for us, which is why we should follow the other Holy Sacraments as well. 

What is the First Communion? Christians Comprehensive Guide

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