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The Kingstone Bible Trilogy: Full Depth Review

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy: Full Depth Review

by ArKa

Kingstone Bible Trilogy consists of three heavy volumes. There is a combined weight of 12.4 lbs. for the three hardcover books. A total of 2,023 pages of full-color artwork are included in the book.

In fact, the artwork in the Bible was done by artists who have worked with Marvel and DC comic book publishers.

This Bible Trilogy is one of the most complete graphic adaptations of the Bible. In addition to providing a different view of the stories in the bible from Genesis to Revelation, it also brings the stories to life with its stunning color images.


The Kingstone Bible Trilogy: Full Depth Review

The Kingstone Bible Front Covers

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy: Full Review

The Kingstone Bible Back Covers

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy Full Review

The Kingstone Bible Spine Art


CEO of Kingstone, Art Ayris notes:

In truth, I never imagined myself as a comics publisher. Nevertheless, I felt a divine, electromagnetic pull towards media. When I was a children’s pastor, I struggled to find good resources for explaining and teaching the Bible to unchurched kids from marginal and challenging circumstances. Kingstone Comics was born out of all of these circumstances to provide children with some healthy entertainment while explaining the Scriptural truth.

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy: Key Features

  • The Bible in a complete graphic reconstruction
  • Experienced comic artists from DC and Marvel curate visually stunning art
  • The number of art panels exceeds 10,000
  • There are over 2000 full-color pages in this book
  • Gives a fresh perspective on Bible stories
  • This book is designed for kids, teens, or anyone who may find it difficult to read the Bible
  • References to Scripture are at the bottom of each page

The Kingstone Bible, Volume I

Kingstone Bible Trilogy Full Review

The Kingstone Samson Story

Kingstone Bible Trilogy Review

The Kingstone Samson Story Continued


The book covers the stories of the Bible before Jesus was born and lived. The stories are arranged according to how they appear in the Bible, starting in the Garden of Eden.

Through the story of the fall of man, Tower of Babel, Noah and the Ark, you are taken through the history of mankind. This chapter describes the creation of the nation of Israel and the journey they take to the promised land. A number of historical stories are told in Volume 1, such as Ruth’s story, Samuel’s story, David’s story, and many more.

You can find scripture references to the stories at the bottom of each page, so you can read them in any translation of the Bible you choose.

The Kingstone Bible Volume 2

Kingstone Bible Trilogy

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Fiery Furnace Bible Story


This second volume covers the biblical timeline from the death of King David up to the birth of Jesus. King Solomon is the first character in the story.

Israel’s timeline starts there and continues up to the fall of the nation. This story tells the story of the Jews and their exile through books like Nehemiah, Esther, Ezra, and Daniel from the Bible.

Following that is the section on the major prophets, which begins with the prophet Isaiah, followed by the minor prophets, and the prophecies in Micah regarding the birth of Jesus.

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy covers all the major prophets and all the minor prophets in the Old Testament. In the final section of this volume, we examine the rise of Greek culture before Jesus’ arrival.

The Kingstone Bible Volume 3

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy

The Kingstone Jesus on the Cross

Review  of Kingstone Bible Trilogy

Revelation Return of the King


The Kingstone Bible Trilogy covers the period from Jesus’ birth to his return in Revelation. This is the final volume in the series with the main story being Jesus’ life and teachings. The book describes in detail what happened after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

A Review of The Kingstone Bible Trilogy

There are a lot of well-done comics and graphic illustrations in this Bible.  This will be right up your alley if you or your child grew up loving comic books.  Kids or teenagers who are older will find it to be a great option.  While I appreciate that they did not sugarcoat violent scenes from the Bible, be careful depending on your child’s age.

This book is a delight to flip through and read because of the comic-style illustrations.  My eyes are drawn to the same page for long periods of time simply because of the details.

The Bible has many versions, and this is very much a paraphrased version. Please do not use this Bible if you find that bothersome.  The authors do, however, provide a scripture reference at the end of every page.  You can use this detail to keep track of where you are if you want to dig deeper.  When you read the Bible, you are reading another person’s visual interpretation of the stories in the book.

There is a Bible for you even if you are not a “reader”!  During my teenage years, I didn’t find joy in reading books.  When I read long blocks of text, I tend to get lost easily.

Finally, I would like to point out how well the Bibles are written. They don’t disappoint, from the binding to the high-quality paper!  If you know a teenager or someone you know would enjoy it, this would make the perfect gift.


Kingstone Bible Trilogy

The Kingstone Bible Trilogy

  • Hardcover Book
  • Art Ayris (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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Overviews of The Kingstone Bible in video format

Why Kingstone Comics?


Graphic Novel Flip Through – The Kingstone Bible Volume 3 of 3


The Kingstone Bible Trilogy is a great read for anyone who struggles to get through the Bible or simply wants a “fun” Bible. In this bible, readers are kept engaged visually throughout the entire reading experience. This is something it does so well that you need to make an effort not to rush to see it all at once.

There are scriptural references at the bottom of each page, even though this is not a scripture by scripture reading. In this way, after reading a story, you will be able to reference the appropriate scripture if necessary.

Three Bibles are included in this set, all of which are beautifully designed, bound, and printed. You should be able to use them for many years to come.  Considering their price point, they make a really good gift idea.


The Kingstone Bible Trilogy

  • Hardcover Book
  • Art Ayris (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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The Bonus

Kingstone not only produces the Bible Trilogy, but also many short one-off comics explaining various topics and stories.  I really like these individual comics.  My favorite was “Luther”!  A book such as “Hell” explains hell references in the Bible and discusses how different Biblical scholars approach the subject.

The Kingstone Individual Stories

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