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A Review of the Rainbow Study Bible

A Review of the Rainbow Study Bible

by ArKa

Are you looking for a unique Rainbow Study Bible that will help you discover more about God’s word? Holman Bible Publishers brings to market the Rainbow Study Bible, a 1632-page study bible. There is a very unique color-coding system inside the bible, which has an imitation leather cover. Throughout the Bible, there are 12 different colors associated with different themes. These are the themes;


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  1. God – Purple
  2. Discipleship – Salmon
  3. Love – Green
  4. Faith – Light Orange
  5. Sin – Gray
  6. Evil – Brown
  7. Salvation – Blue
  8. Family – Yellow
  9. Outreach – Pink
  10. Commandments – Green
  11. History – Silver
  12. Prophecy – Yellow/Orange, Gold

A number of the words that were spoken by Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are highlighted. In addition to color-coded text, it also includes color maps and a number of other features. To gain the most benefit from God’s word, readers need to go through them thoroughly.


Review of the Rainbow Study Bible

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The Key Features

  • In imitation leather known as Leather Touch, the bible has a smooth texture and perimeter stitching. In addition, it
  • Liners are glued into place and have vinyl linings.
  • The paper is the same as what you’ll find in other study bibles. There is a good consistency in color and print. The following are some
  • Contains four pages for writing, in a standard black font that is sharp and easy to read.
  • One of the most unique and popular aspects of this study bible is its color coding.
  • Headings for 12 subjects
  • Categories: 26
  • A total of 129 topics are covered
  • The book introductions for each book of the Bible are one full page each
  • Full-color illustrations and maps provide geographical information
  • In the center column or under the final text on the page, there are over 100,000 cross-references.
  • Below each verse on each page are Greek and Hebrew translations of translator’s notes.
  • Through the text, there are italicized section headings
  • The back of the book contains a lot of bonus material
  • There are 91 pages in the concordance
  • An index to the maps is included along with 12 full-color maps
  • A bookmark and ribbon are included

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The Reviews

Reviewers praise the Rainbow Study Bible for its excellent content. It is extremely helpful to have color coding. The text is easy to read and easy to understand compared to most other bibles. Color-coding helps you understand the significance of the scripture better. You can easily find bible verses from different categories thanks to the color coding. Color deciding can help you find verses to support your current needs when you open the bible to any page. As a result, you don’t have to refer to an index or cross-references. This makes it much easier to find what you are looking for.

The Rainbow Study Bible has beautifully presented notes about its color-coded design system. In addition, they praise the usefulness of the book introductions and cross-references. Colorful illustrations and maps, along with a concordance of bold lines that indicate Jesus’s, the Father’s, and the Holy Spirit’s sayings, make this book worth noting. As a result of the design and layout of the Bible, they look forward to reading it.


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