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Top 10 Best Father’s Day Sermon Ideas

Top 10 Best Father’s Day Sermon Ideas

by ArKa

There is not everyone who has the heart or strength to take on the challenge of playing the role of a father in the family. There is a lot of patience involved in handling every challenge, strength to protect the family, eagerness to learn the nooks and crannies of raising a child, love to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife, and a willingness to work every day to provide for the needs of those he loves.

Fatherhood is hard work, so alongside loving and supporting them, it’s important to supplement their hearts and minds with God’s word. The father’s day celebration is just around the corner, so we rounded up…

Top 10 Father’s Day sermon ideas for every father in your congregation.

It is our hope that you will be able to shower all the fathers within your reach with the goodness and love that the Heavenly Father wants to share with them through this list

Father: The Leader of the Band | Adrian Rogers

The leader of a band is just like the leader of every team. He or she should bring harmony and unity to the group. It’s a great representation of what fathers do in every household – they bring strength and harmony.

Adding to Adrian Rogers’ description of a father’s responsibilities is the Bible verse Psalm 128 that reads, “Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways.” This verse refers to the promise that “all things will work together for the good of you, and no evil shall befall you.”

Decisions Good Dads Make | Max Lucado

Our minds often turn to Abraham, Noah, and Isaac when we consider the fathers in the Bible. It was Mordecai, however, who Max Lucado prominently featured in his sermon. The book of Esther introduces you to Mordecai – the adoptive father of Queen Esther who lived 500 years before Christ. Through Queen Esther, he played a crucial role in helping the Jews redeem themselves.

Mordecai refused to bow to Haman, which was a big act that helped his fellow Jews, and he also told Queen Esther what Haman was planning, which she reversed with the help of the king. It was Mordecai’s great courage to make good decisions for the benefit of everyone he loved despite the fact that he was likely to be wronged.


What Every Father Needs to Hear | Michael A. Milton

There are times when fathers are weak, experience pain, and lose hope too, yet they are always expected to be strong, fierce, and full of spirit. With this sermon, Michael A. Milton shared the good news with every father.

Every father should hear this powerful message – there is hope and healing for broken dads and their children. With God, even broken and fractured families can be resurrected with hope and love, as he demonstrated with the story of David and his son Absalom.

Fathers Who Give Hope | John Piper

Families are reluctant to discuss one thing: their expectations of their fathers towards their children. It isn’t true that all fathers are supportive of what their children want, but according to scripture, fathers should not provoke their children, but rather provide them with hope, happiness, and confidence.

It was a hard issue that John Piper touched on in his sermon because this particular role can either break or make their kids.

What Fathers Teach | Roger Thomas

It is common to label fathers as disciplinarians in the family, but the Bible indicates that fathers are also teachers. That was the side of fatherhood that Roger Thomas discussed in his sermon.

Like Abraham, fathers teach courage to their children. He illustrated the fact that life offers a lot of chances, but there’s no easy way, which he reinforced with Hudson Taylor’s quote, “Unless there is an element of risk in the exploits we undertake for God, faith is not required.”

Standing Confident in the Midst of Giants | James F. Gentry Jr.

This sermon by James F.Gentry Jr. centers around the amazing story of David and Goliath. Because it teaches that even parents and fathers face giants every day, it should be included in your Father’s Day sermon ideas.

Even though fathers are generally seen as strong, when there is a major problem ahead of them, they can also experience fear and doubt.

In this sermon, Fathers are reminded that God is the only one bigger than themselves and through Him, they can defeat any giant just like David did.

The Waiting Father | Chris Walls

In this sermon, Chris Walls centered his discussion on the lovely Parable of the Lost Son. Three characters were presented in this story and can be regarded as representative of a family.

There’s the youngest son who got lost and rebelled against his father, the elder brother who is self-righteous, and the father who represents God and is willing to forgive and wait for his sons. The attributes of this character can be challenging, but they can also provide good guidance to fathers who have growing children at home.

What Kind of Father Does God Expect us to be? | Robert Cox

In setting the standard on how you should be as a father, you can feel tense and stressed. For this reason, it makes sense to talk about it this Father’s Day, especially for new fathers. This sermon by Robert Cox discusses how one can observe Godly standards in their household with the help of this sermon.

In addition to supporting, guiding, and loving their children, fathers can also inspire them. Various verses and the commandments guided him in answering this difficult question in his sermon.

A Father’s Blessing | Brian Fletcher

As well as the lessons and guidance they help pass on to their children, fathers are endowed with a powerful gift that can make a significant difference in their lives. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and Brian Fletcher spoke about the perfect topic for Father’s Day in this sermon. How does it work?

According to the Bible, a father’s blessing is requesting God’s grace to give his kids a vision that they hope will become a reality. Kids can benefit from these visions by being inspired and guided to take the right steps toward achieving their goals.

Qualities of a Godly Father | Andy Grossman

New fathers and fathers who are lost and confused regarding their responsibilities as men of the house and men of God will benefit from Andy Grossman’s sermon. A good and godly father should be responsible, good listeners, and loving, as the Bible describes.

A portion of Andy’s sermon was based on Genesis 18:19, which states, “For I have chosen him so that he will direct his children and household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just so that the LORD will fulfill his promises to Abraham.”


Top 10 Best Father’s Day Sermon Ideas

Summary on Father’s Day Sermon Ideas

Every household, every family, and every community receives a gift from God when it comes to fathers. Therefore, on Father’s Day, it’s important to honor them with love, the word of God, and praise that will boost their spirit to keep being amazing.

Through these 10 Best Father’s Day Sermon Ideas, we hope you can recognize the fathers within your reach. Besides Father’s Day sermons, the congregation can honor the hard work of the fathers in the community through a simple DIY card, a special Dad’s Day event, or giving them a simple gift so they know everyone appreciates them.

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