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Top 5 Best Bible Study Apps That You Should Try Now

Top 5 Best Bible Study Apps That You Should Try Now

by ArKa

There are several Bible Study Apps available for iOS and Android devices in the app store. Choosing the right one can be quite challenging, since there are so many options out there. Here are 5 bible study apps you can try to help you narrow down your search.

My Favorite Best Bible Study Apps

The YouVersion app (iOS and Android)

Top 5 Best Bible Study Apps That You Should Try Now

There is a good reason why this is one of the most popular bible study apps around. This software includes multiple bible study plans and allows you to create graphics with your favorite bible verses. It also comes with the bible in a variety of translations.

In addition to downloading your favorite translation so you can access the bible offline, you can listen to the audio of some translations if you prefer this over reading.

YouVersion is amazing because it has the bible in over 1,000 languages. There are many reading plans available that you can do with friends or with your children.

Bible Study for 30 Days (iOS and Android)

5 Best Bible Study Apps That You Should Try Now


Top 5 Best Bible Study Apps That You Should Try


With this bible study app, you will be able to progress through the bible by progressing through a bible study challenge. As long as you stick to the bible study plan, you can improve your bible study efficiency in 30 days.

Even if you don’t have access to online functionality, you can still access bible studies with this app. A number of dictionaries and commentaries are available in the library, along with the bible and other resources. You can easily navigate verses in the app so you can find the exact verse you’re looking for.

In addition to highlighting and bookmarking verses, this app allows you to take notes. Additionally, there are several downloadable reading plans relating to Bible books, Bible characters, and various topics.

A 30-day subscription gives you access to ad-free service, a personal study record, and other study plans. In addition to sharing your achievements within the app, you can also share them on Facebook.

In addition to monthly or yearly subscriptions, there’s the option to pay a permanent subscription price that gives you lifetime access to all premium app content. If you wish to cancel the subscription, you can do so at any time through your iTunes account.

The Bible App by Olive Tree (iOS and Android)

Top 5 Best Bible Study Apps

5 Best Bible Study Apps

It is a universal app that works on both iOS and Android devices. Users of the Olive Tree Bible app have access to an integrated store where they can purchase additional Bible versions, devotionals, reference books, and commentaries.

The new books you purchase are synced to your Olive Tree account and are available for download on all of your devices for free. If you accidentally delete them from your device, this is great.

The app has a really cool feature that allows users to split their screens. The advantage of this is that you can read a devotional and keep a key text on the same screen at the same time. It’s also handy when your pastor references other verses while using the main passage during church service.

The Study Bible (iOS and Android)

Top 5 Bible Study Apps


There are three different versions of the Bible included in the Study Bible app: ESV, NAS, and KJV. Also available in the app is Grace Yours Sermon Archive, which contains more than 3,000 messages covering all of the New Testament and some parts of the Old Testament.

By listening instead of reading text, you will be able to better understand what is being said. Alternatively, you can read the Bible in a year with the MacArthur Daily Bible. Besides reading study guides, daily devotionals, and articles, you can highlight verses and bookmark them.

To access over 25,000 detailed comments, you can purchase the notes via in-app purchases. There are comments explaining virtually every passage in the Bible. In addition to maps, charts, and articles, the purchase also provides dozens of resources.

The Blue Letter Bible (iOS and Android)

 Bible Study Apps

You can download the Blue Letter Bible study app for iOS and Android, as well as for the Kindle via the Amazon app store. Using the mobile interface, you can access all the information on the Blue Letter Bible website. As well as offering the bible in several translations, the app also allows users to bookmark verses, add notes, and highlight verses.

There are Hebrew and Greek translations of the interlinear bible in this app. There is an integrated e-reader in the app, which is not a feature found in many other apps. It is possible to import PDF files via iTunes.


Despite the fact that the device can easily keep us preoccupied with our lives, these free bible study apps offer a way to make time for bible study every day.

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